In a few fleeting months, I’ll be 30.

It sounds so cliché but the past few years have flown by at a frightening rate of speed. It seems like a year has just begun one moment, and we are ushering it out the next.

In honor of this mini, premature, mid-life crisis I am making a list. I want to take note of all the things yet to do and see and overcome.

Since my birthday will take place in less than two months, I’m setting a goal to check all these things off before or during my first year of being 30:

1. Get my first (and only?) tattoo. I can’t decide between a quill pen with pot of ink or a small map of the world. Location to be determined.
2. Ride in a hot air balloon. I hear there is a festival in Statesville every fall celebrating hot air balloons. And offering rides.
3. Kind of a minor goal, but I want to hit 1,000 twitter followers.
4. Continue to blog all year. I want to record for posterity what it’s like to be 30.
5. Visit a state I’ve never been to before.
6. Go white water rafting.
7. Pay off my student loan. Can’t wait to check this one off…
8. Move. I love moving. Of course, I would have to sell my house first and I’m not sure that is even possible right now.
9. Succeed in my new job.
10. Continue studying Spanish and become half-way, if not all the way, proficient.
11. Keep chickens. Grow a garden. Produce more of my own food.
12. Be more altruistic, even when it’s not noticed, appreciated or reciprocated.
13. Donate blood….Embarrassed to admit that I was signed up and scheduled to donate last month and chickened out. Next time!
14. Bike 50 miles in one day.
15. Work in a coffee shop. Even briefly. (And since a local coffee shop has invited me to do just this on my birthday I’ll get to check this one off ASAP!)
16. Write. Every day. Even if I’m the only one who reads my words.
17. Go see a concert.
18. Be a better mother.
19. Go camping with Nat.
20. Take a photography class.
21. Watch a meteor shower.
22. Procrastinate less.
23. Write a book.
24. Learn something new every day.

25. Visit a city in NC I’ve never been to before.

26. Try a new ethnic restaurant. 

27. Finish War and Peace.









2 thoughts on “3-0

  1. Nice list. Hope you check many off the list. Now I want to make one and hang it on the wall in my office as a constant reminder.

    The coffee shop thing… ever been to the one in Boiling Springs across from GWU? Walked in briefly. Looked nice. Been meaning to go back when I can stay.

  2. I think everyone should make these lists. They keep me feeling inspired.

    And yes, I used to go to the Broad River Coffee Shop a lot. I still go sometimes when I need a strong cup of coffee and need that creative atmosphere to inspire me. You should give it a try.

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