First foray into teaching

Last week I stood in front of an empty classroom, the whiteboard a blank sheet, desks empty and expectant, and imagined the people who would soon fill the seats. Tomorrow morning I’ll step out into a new job, and I feel a bit like a new, untried swimmer diving into a pool of water. I imagine I’ll flounder a little, swallow a bit of water along the way and eventually grow stronger with every stroke. 


Change is a strange thing. Like most people, I at once crave it and fear it. It’s easy to follow a routine, get comfortable with the familiar, day to day rituals and complain about a situation from the safety of the tried and true. I often long for things to be different, a new job, a new location, a new something – but it’s another whole ballgame to step out boldly, without knowing the result of that leap of faith, and change it. There are no crystal balls to tell us in advance whether our gamble will pay off or not, just an optimism and the desire to take a chance.


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