Extra + ordinary = extraordinary

Some moments, I fully absorb life. I believe true pleasure is in the details.

Tonight, as I was driving home from work in my car, past homes and businesses and bright street lights, I looked out my window and noticed the moon. A barely there, fingernail of a moon. A slice of yellow in a sea of black. And every few minutes, a wave of clouds would swallow that crescent, like a smoky fish swallowing a hook. It was a simple thing, but so beautiful.

So sometimes, I collect these details. These ordinary, every day moments that really mean nothing, but are beautiful simply because they encapsulate what it means to be alive:
The green ivy crawling up a wall.
A man in a ballcap sweeping confetti off a gym floor.
Bike tire imprints in a sidewalk.
The sound a pinecone makes underfoot.
Window boxes full of flowers.
The heat of the sun on bare skin.

The list goes on. Some days aren’t full of grand moments, exciting things or new scenery. But even the most ordinary day is full of things waiting to be discovered.

Life is astounding and I never want to cease to be amazed by it. True pleasure is in the details.


One thought on “Extra + ordinary = extraordinary

  1. I notice things like this a lot, and really enjoy experiencing them… being aware on a level it seems most people aren’t. Often I keep those things to myself, but sometimes I share these things I notice and before I know it, I sound like some kind of kid excited and going off about the littlest of things. It’s usually the “RCA dog tilted head” looks I get that give it away.

    And in some ways it makes me a bit sad for the tilted ones… mostly because I’ve been there where they are… wholly unaware and unimpressed by the amazing world that’s literally everywhere around us. Just this morning I was commenting on the early morning sun hitting my arm and how good and warm it felt. And a few days ago I was observing the way ivy latches onto brick. Amazing. Then there’s the whole other world of macro photography that’s fun to explore.

    You’re right. The list goes on and on. I’ve got a million thoughts running through my head now, all inspired by this one blog post. 🙂

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