New seasons

I woke up to fall this morning.
Dry leaves were scattered across the lawn and the sky was a limitless blue speckled by flocks of clouds. And there was a nip to the air that hinted at colder days to come and the need for jackets and hot drinks.
I got on my bike and put in a few miles – riding into a wind that made me struggle up the slightest incline; past fences still blanketed in late season honeysuckle and newly blooming morning glories. The velvety purple and pink flowers brightened ditches and fields and twined over barbed wire strands creating garlands between fence posts. It was a glorious morning to be alive and I enjoyed the cool air rushing past me and the strain of my muscles as I biked past homes and fields.
I love the changing of the seasons; the subtle shortening of days, the deepening blue of the sky and honk of geese heading further south. With the new season comes the potential for new possibilities.


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