I’ve heard – and said – it so often it seems well-worn and cliche. 

But it really is true that time seems to fly.

Each day slips past in a blur, the days falling away like dominoes until before you know it you’ve just turned 30 and you’re wondering how it came to be. We get lost in these daily routines and forget that the mundane is actually an amazing gift and that every day we wake and see the world around us is pretty spectacular. At the same time, with the passing of these decades, I look back and feel a twinge of regret; a wish that life had maybe turned out just a little bit differently. That I had made different decisions, had more opportunities. Some moments, it hits home hard – we only get once chance at this thing called life. One chance to love and make memories and experience new places and things. I want to grab hold of each day and live it more fully than I currently am. Time is too fleeting not to do the things you love. I want to travel more. Write a book. Learn. Embark on adventures both big and small and take on new hobbies and challenges. 

Here’s to the next 30 years!



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