and how was your day?

Today warrants two posts since the last was long overdue and because today I found myself unexpectedly walking down a sidewalk in Kings Mountain in high heels.

It all started when someone backed into my Blazer.

The morning class passed by uneventfully as I went over math, reading and language with my students, but I felt immense sense of relief when the clock’s hands finally reached 12:30. My stomach was empty, I was tired, and felt like I was coming down with a cold. I could almost hear a hot cup of tea beckoning me. I was just loading up my books and preparing to head out when I heard a student tell me to come outside. “You better come see this,” he said, holding open to the door to the building and pointing toward my Blazer.

Another student was peering at the bumper of my vehicle, her truck door open, engine idling.

I stepped outside to take a closer look to see if there was any damage and was relieved to only see a minor scratch. My relief was short-lived, however, when I saw the other student let go of the door to the church building. It seemed to close in slow motion and as soon as he let go, his face registered immediate regret.

I felt some pity for him as he plead for forgiveness, his face woebegone. I tried to be as kind and nonchalant as possible but inside, I was screaming.

I was locked out. Inside the classroom sat my purse, my car keys and my phone with all my contacts in it. No one else was on the church property. I tried to pick the lock to no avail and the windows were all secure.

Luckily there was a convenience store nearby and the clerk very kindly let me use the phone several times. And also luckily I remembered my mom’s phone number – only one of two I actually have memorized. I started walking in the direction she would arrive, a little amused at the unexpected turn of the day, and trying to enjoy the walk as much as possible. It wasn’t long until I saw her car pull in a side street nearby.

I was eventually able to get in touch with someone who could unlock the church and my items were safely returned to me. All’s well that ends well!


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