The darker stories

When my husband comes home, while stars still blink in the black east and the sun is at work offering light to other lands, he slips between the sheets and his skin is cool. He burrows against me for warmth, smelling like cigarettes and laundry soap. A heady combination.

What happened last night? I ask.

“Not much.” He pauses. “A chick got stabbed.” It’s nearly an afterthought.

He tells me it has something to do with an argument and meth addictions.

One woman sliced open another woman’s leg, nicking an artery. He says at the hospital she was holding her leg, blood running down it, and asked why it was bulging on one side. Then, the blood began squirting out and the doctor told her to prepare for surgery. The woman just wanted to go home.

If you go home, you’ll die, the doctor told her.

My husband said she had tattooed the words “Wrong” on one leg and “Turn” on the other.

These are the stories he brings home.

One time, a man hadn’t been seen in three days. The neighbors, or maybe a distant family member, were getting worried and deputies were dispatched to his home.

When they broke open the door they found the man pickling in his bathtub, water long since turned cold. On the stove, his dinner continued to cook, the smell of burning food masking the creeping odor of decay. 



Hello October

The days of September passed by in a flash.

And what a glorious month it was. Full of skies as deep blue as the middle of the ocean, clouds that sailed like ships and that wonderful crisp bite to the air in the mornings and evenings. I love this time of year – when sweet golden and pink-skinned apples are sold at the Farmer’s Market and leaves are showing hints of crimson and yellow. September is truly one of the best months to be alive. And with the arrival of a new month comes the setting of new goals. Here are my goals from last month:

September goals
-Run two miles in 20 minutes or under: I did very little running and have decided that that’s OK. I’d rather be biking. I’m scratching that one off the list.
-Bike 100 miles over the course of the month: Check.
-Clean up all excess junk in one room of the house: Sort of….We’ll leave it at that.
-Find a tattoo place: Not yet.
– Go hiking: Yes. Went hiking at South Mountain a couple of weekends ago.
– Talk to a realtor about putting house up for sale: No. Might wait with this one.
-Read up to page 750 in War and Peace: Yes. Read past page 750 in fact.
– Finish editing book: No. Not even half-way through. There just never seems to be enough time.
– write a short story: No, Still pondering ideas for this one.
– Get the puppy housetrained (!) : No, but not through lack of trying.
– Celebrate turning 30: Yes.
– Do something altruistic: Yes.


October goals:

– Bike 150 miles

-read to page 850 in War and Peace

-Find a tattoo place

-Meet with mill owner and write story for potential magazine article

-finish editing book

-Hike at Mount Mitchell

-Come up with an idea for a short story and at least start writing it.

– park in some small town and walk through it.

– Sit in a coffee shop for an hour and write down everything I observe

– read two novels and write a review

– blog once a week (or more)