Hello new year

I admit, I’m a little wary of this new year.

I’m facing it with a little more trepidation than in years past and with a reluctance to create my usual resolutions even as I mocked

them. I feel more hesitant to believe it holds good things, though it might just be my weary state of mind in this moment. 

For the most part, 2013 quietly slipped away and 2014 took its place just as shyly, creeping in cautiously and without much fanfare in

my corner of the world. I was nearly surprised when, this morning on the long drive home, the server at Dunkin’ Donuts asked how my

New Year’s Eve had gone. 

“Calm,” was my response, suddenly reminded that this day marked a new year full of unknown potential for joy and tragedy alike.

And so, here I am, ready to climb towards bigger and better things in the 364 days that lie ahead. But I suppose any look forward must 

first begin with a look back. I’m trying to gather up everything that 2013 contained and create some kind of coherent thought out of

the whole. I don’t really know how to adequately describe this past year, a year of great and not so great changes. A year of

happiness and sorrow. The year I gave up a few dreams and settled for something different. A year with a golden summer of bike

riding and writing and playing. I found my beloved dog, Biscuit, at the animal shelter, began teaching, celebrated a birthday milestone

and another year of marriage. I’ve struggled with the uncertainty of the future. Of not knowing what step to take next, what aspirations

to work towards. I feel as if 2013 were the year of walking uphill in the fog. I’m hoping this next year will be the year the fog lifts. 

So, for 2014, my main goal is to simply keep walking. Walking and writing and living as fully as I am able. To keep on trying and

getting up when I fall and figuring out how to live as best as I am able.


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