I had resolved not to make resolutions this year. I decided to take these 12 months and just see what came of them, not expecting or

hoping. Just accepting. But somehow, when I woke up this morning, I felt that familiar tug to take this new year – like an expanse of

fresh fallen snow – and see the potential for amazing things. No matter what, no matter how far I fall short or how dismally I miss the

mark, I need to keep striving. To keep working towards bettering myself and maybe this world despite my deep inadequacies.

So after some thought, here is my list for 2014:

1. Be kinder to myself and others. Maybe if we accept our own shortcomings, we’ll be better able to accept others. And god, am I hard

on myself.

2. Make decisions and DON’T LOOK BACK. I tend to overthink a thing to death which either makes me: a. not do it, or b. constantly

wonder if I should have done it. No more of that. What’s done is done.

3. Find full time work. Work that I can stand. A big goal but doable, I think.

4. Write. Always write. In my mind, on paper, on a laptop or cell phone or a napkin. Just do it. Writers aren’t born, they put a lot of

damn work into their craft.

5. See new things, places, people. Notice the every day beauty.

6. Stop complaining. Or at least cut down on it. It’s such an unpleasant thing but so easy to do.

7. Forge stronger relationships with friend and family.

8. Make the very best of every day that I have been given. Overcome the obstacles as best as I can and get back up when I fall.

Basically, survive this life gracefully.


Happy 2014 people – May it be kind to you and you to it!


2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. This is a great list. Several of these things are on mine, and a couple I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now. Good luck with all these things. It’s so easy to forget this stuff when life comes at you hard and fast. I’ve been thinking about making a short list, printing it, and putting it on the wall in my office as an in-my-face reminder every day.

  2. I like that idea. I think I will put my list somewhere where I’ll see it on a daily basis because you’re right, it’s easy to forget about all these goals amid the day to day stuff.

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