The Great Geography Challenge


It’s funny how when I was a college student, the whole point of my education was to complete the class, get an A, and move on to the next class, one step closer to a bachelor’s degree. I think since graduating, about 90 percent of my education has come from self-initiation. I read books and news articles, look up things that pique my interest, and try retain at least a fraction of it. I love learning but completely forgot that during my college years. And these days, we have such an abundance of information right at our fingertips. Thousands of news stories are accessible on our cell phones. Google searches will bring up any fact you wish to know and if all that fails, there’s still the library with its cornucopia of resources. 

This year, my sister and I set a goal. We want to learn about the world. At one point, I could rattle off every state and its capital. I sure can’t do that anymore. I wouldn’t be able to identify the countries on the African continent or locate Laos on a map. I admit, my knowledge of world geography is shaky. 

So we decided to remedy that. Every week, my sister and I take turns picking either a new country or state to study. With 196 countries in the world, this could take awhile, but it’s been a fascinating process already. 

We’ve gone through Delaware (second smallest state. Capital is Dover) and Somalia on the Horn of Africa, known for its pirates and famines and terrorist groups and are now on Cambodia. 

I think the point of this challenge is to not only improve our geography skills (and pick up some awesome and impressive trivia along the way), but to always be life-long-learners. Education shouldn’t end with a college degree, it should be just beginning. 


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